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You guys, I am totally overwhelmed with the positive response I’m gotten about The CaroLøve. I’ve had emails and texts and calls and messages and I am so thrilled that you’re willing to grow with me! It means the world! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and make sure to keep following me here for now and on my social media for details on the new blog launch!

DC life is the smallest world. I had this friend Andy in high school- he was like a goofy big brother type. We used to get in trouble for skateboarding down the hallways, etc. I haven’t seen him since maybe senior year? Flash forward, he married a blogger named Alexandra. Alexandra did a post on Greenheart’s Probiotic Coconut Yogurt. Diana of Greenheart is my pal, through blogging. #circleoflife Let’s all share good things and eat well together❤

I bet you that a lot of bloggers started young with homemade websites- I know I did. And they were bad. If you want to revisit that nightmare of a time in the late 90s/ early 2000s, check out this site that makes other sites look like they were created by Geocities.

So the burgundy booties I orignally got from the #NSALE (here) fit really oddly  and hurt so I returned them ASAP. But theeeeen I found these– also on #NSALE. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Blogger chat: I’ve tweeted about the tray I want for my new living room, but Megan hit it right on the head with how to style a coffee table! Dana talks budget shopping tips.

Looking to grow your instagram following? Check out these tips, which are actually more common sense than anything!


Event Hitches

Organizing an event always sounds like it is going to be more fun than it ends up being. There’s no problem with the event itself – that’s going to be fun and everyone is going to be talking about it. It’s the organizing part that’s the tricky bit, though. Even if you’re a strategy whiz, there’s still part of you that feels like you’re playing the swan. Serene class where people can see it, working frantically below the surface.


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The thing about planning an event is that you can do everything right, plan it down to the last detail, and then something throws a spanner in the plan. It’s frustrating. When NASA flew men to the moon, they planned everything down to the finest details, but Apollo 13 still happened. Sometimes, no matter what you do, something or someone ends up letting you down.

  1. Don’t Panic

The first thing to keep in mind is that every social situation can be salvaged. If something has happened to put a wrinkle in your plans, that’s where Plan B comes in. If you haven’t made a Plan B, then you need to improvise. Remember there is always a fallback option. So if the venue cancels the event, find another venue. Host it at home if necessary. If a caterer falls through, make some calls.

  1. Have A Trusted Lieutenant

Even the greatest leaders had their consuls, their generals, their minions. It’s understandable when you are the one whose rep is on the line that you want to be in control. But delegating is what makes countries, wins wars and builds businesses. In a party emergency, you may need to explore two or three options, and there’s only one of you. Having someone on hand to help will sort out issues faster.

  1. Negotiate Like You’re Solving World Peace

When things go wrong, the most important thing is that they get put right as soon as possible. The key to negotiating something is not ruling with an iron rod. It’s not flattery. It’s finding the way to get what you want at the best price. Your wholesale linen tablecloths haven’t shown up? Make some calls. Offer future business, open an account, do what it takes to get a deal. If all else fails, play the sympathy card. It often works, but not if you come right out with it. Confidence is key.

  1. Be Prepared To Get Your Hands Dirty

It might save time and money – both essential in an emergency –  if you’re prepared to roll up your sleeves and do some grunt work. Moving tables, getting in the kitchen, even carrying some trays around. You may not like the idea of doing this – that’s OK. You can always ask someone else to do it on the promise of owing them a favor. Just remember to turn the charm up to 11 when you ask.

So many people think that the only way to get things done right is to rule by fear. It may well work for some people – but smart people know it’s more about pushing the right buttons. Planning an event and riding out a snafu take more than one approach.

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Ok. So you might have noticed that my social media handles all changed earlier this week to TheCaroLove. This is the first little step I am finally taking to re-brand my blog because, frankly, I have grown out of  Little Bitty City One. As I wrote in an email to my amazing past sponsors earlier this week, I started this blog when I was still wearing a bow in my hair every day and using my dinosaur backpack for work. I also desperately needed to move from to for multiple reasons, and it just seemed to be the best option to start all over. It’ll be similar content, but with a cleaner layout and logo, + a name that will grow with me through my late 20s and beyond.index.jpg

But Caroline, you’ve been talking about doing this for months with no real timeline- why now?

Last Friday, something totally unexpected and probably undeserved happened to me. Kendall came over for our date night and told me he had a surprise for me. Never, in about a million years, would I have guessed that my sweet guy would buy me a computer.

A computer, you guys.

He knew mine had crashed and I was doing all of my blogging from work on my lunch breaks, and he wanted to do this for me. I could have cried. He supports me so much, and that lit a fire under my ass to stop being a mediocre blogger and finally make the changes I’ve wanted to make. I’ve always had so much support from my parents and closest friends, but having a boyfriend step in and say “I wanted to do this for you so you can make your blog great,” that means the world to me.

I also want to give a huge shout out to my #bubblesandbloggers main betches for their support. I’m not sure I would have stayed with this without Dani, Jia, Roxanne, Sarah, and Kristin. Having them is like having a bunch of best pals in my pocket the way we group chat all day long. They’ve been so helpful already! Sarah helped me out with getting my logo/ signature just perfect.

While I don’t have an official launch date for The CaroLøve, I can tell you it’s going to be relatively soon. I’m doing an event with Crumbs & Whiskers 8:30 PM on August 20th [mark your calendars!], so it’ll kind of coincide with that, and I’ll give you more details as I can. Until then, please bear with me because it might be a little wonky over here. In the meantime, I’d love to hear what you loved about LBC1 and what changes I should make going forward.

Thank you guys for sticking with me and hopefully coming with me to my new space. I am so excited for The CaroLøve to finally come into fruition.




Hot town

The outfit is on constant repeat, let me tell you. I actually think of this striped dress as my “casual Friday dress” as I put it on just about as fast as I can get it clean again and again and again. I first wore it here, and it has been worn almost once a week ever since. It’s getting to the point of the summer where I am just hot and cranky and craving fall. My creativity, as least as far as outfits are concerned, has gone completely out the window and I just want to stay as cool and comfortable as possible. Last Friday, taking full advantage of my flex hours, I left work at 2 to meet up with Jia for the sole purpose of maybe buying more t-shirt dresses. It was a fail, as I was actually too hot to even want to shop. But Jia snapped a few pictures for me in my go-to summer garb, and we got smoothies, so I guess overall it was a win. She even got me to try on her [brand new] hat. I kind of think it looks cute, but I still might just stick to the trucker variety.😉


photos c/0 Jia

White and Black Short Sleeve PU Leather Pocket Dress||Mossimo Supply Co. Women’s Narrow Perfortaed Belts – Set of 2 – Black & Brown – Mossimo Supply Co.TM||Ecentrcq shoes||similar Ralph Lauren tote||woven straw fedora||Necklace last seen here||rose gold sunglasses||pearl bracelet||Renegade Cluster Bracelet||Triple Wrap Tassel Bracelet



Etsy art

Recently, I’ve been all about nesting for my new place with Kendall. We’re not going far- just up the hill from Georgetown to Glover Park, but this is really the first place I totally get to decorate. We actually signed the lease without seeing our particular unit, so this past weekend we went up to visit our space. It was even more amazing than the other units we had seen, and we are SO stoked to get it all together. We even bought a couch for the living room this weekend! Luckily, Kendall is way down for the orange + blue theme I put together, originally for a man cave, so while I’m running pieces by him and he had a huge input on the couch, he’s kind of letting me do my thang. We’re being pretty realistic about our budget, space, and that hopefully we’ll be in this apartment for a while so we want it to be our home. Comfort is definitely key, and designer inspired is totally allowed. (As is a pink and black bathroom and I’m not sure how I’m getting away with that one. I made one of my own pieces for that- it’s on my instagram!)

Of course I’m super huge on finishing touches, and I’ve been sharing a lot of pieces from Etsy that I love on my twitter + pinterest, but I thought maybe putting them all in one shoppable post would be helpful for my readers and me alike. The prices are so right, and I can find things that other people might not have- especially because many of the pieces are actually customizable! My style is a bit quirky, but I see my future home as an art gallery, reflecting our personalities in a big way. I’ll keep posting to my social media as I find other pieces I love, so don’t forget to follow me over there!

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1.Simba and Nala Minimalist Poster||2.Life is a Mixtape||3.Transit Map of Washington D.C. DC Metro Metrorail Minimalist Print||4.Girl with a Ponytail in a Bathtub||5.i like makeup & I like bad guys||6.Marilyn Monroe bubble gum art print||7.Washington, D.C. Art Print Illustration Travel Poster||8.Road map within world map||9.Alice Banksy Dictionary Art


Make The Most Of The Sun

The sun is out, and things are starting to heat up outside. Summer is here! Many people head out to the beach or a lake to soak up the sun. But there is no reason why you even need to leave the house in this fantastic heat. There are plenty of ways to enjoy the summer in your own home. Want to know more? Then read on!


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Do Up Your Garden

Of course, the best spot for soaking up the sun’s rays is to lay out in your garden. But you won’t want to do that if your garden is a bit of a mess and full of weeds! So it is very important to clean up your garden. Get the hard work, like de-weeding and planting new flowers, over and done with. If you have the space, you should also consider grand patios. These are shaded spaces that are great for putting outdoor furniture on.

Buy A Paddling Pool

If the temperatures hit the top of the thermometer, you might be thinking of ways to quickly cool down. One of the best ways is to go for a dip in some water. Unless you have a pool in your garden, you won’t be able to do that at home. However, there is an easy way around this. Just buy a paddling pool! They are very cheap and can be very refreshing during the hot summer. The best way to enjoy them is to dip your toes in as you lounge on a deck chair!

Make Your Own Popsicles

Another great way to cool off is by enjoying an ice-cold Popsiclse. Rather than buying them from your local supermarket, you can make your own to cut down on your grocery bills. They are super simple to make. All you need are some popsicle molds. Then just pour some of your favorite fruit juice into the molds and freeze it. You can also add some berries and pieces of fruit if you life for extra flavor. You’ll be surprised just how tasty these homemade Popsicle can be!


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Dine Outside

Nothing beats al fresco dining in the summer! And it is always perfect weather for a barbecue. So instead of sitting in your warm dining room, bring all your meals outdoors. And you don’t just have to enjoy barbecues outside. Whatever you cook in the kitchen can be brought out too. Just make sure you have some good quality outdoor furniture that you can get comfortable on! Why not invite all your friends and family over for an al fresco dinner party or barbecue. You could even impress them with your homemade popsicles for dessert!

Sun Protection

However you end up enjoying the sun at home, you should always remember to protect yourself from the sun. Wear a hat, apply lots of sunblock, and stay in the shade whenever possible. Otherwise, you could end up burning which can lead to health issues.

So why drive for miles in a hot car to enjoy the sun, when you can have a fantastic time at home?

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Music Monday: 2AM Club – Worry About You

Worry About You.jpg

Isn’t it bad, you been a good victim
You thought I was worth it, you act like I would listen
And maybe you were right at one point, someday
I use to watch you treat the streets like runway
I use to write with tears on your pretty painted face
Sign language on your back from the first taste
So when he whispers in your ear and you think of me
You wish I would’ve treated you like you treated me
When you wake up from your dreams of the hallway
Sleepwalking through the streets dressed in all gray
Making streetlamps in the window pane
I worried from the second I learned your name




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Happy (hot) weekend, loves! Kendall and I are doing Jazz in the Garden tonight, weather permitting then tomorrow visiting our new Glove Park place before my roommate’s birthday party. I’m just hoping the weather holds out- no freak storms or 110 degrees, pretty please!

Blogger chat: Joanne talks tips for partnering with brands, Meaghan shows us how to easily contour,  and Julia FINALLY lets us take a peak at her home office.

My roommate, Meghann, tweeted a really interesting article about the class politics of decluttering. Definitely worth a read.

I’ve been kind of disappointed in my last few visits to Buffalo Exchange, so I’m going to need to check out these other DC area thrift stores.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE looking back on the awful fashions of the 90s/ early 2000s but these shoes probably crossed the line from ugly to unsafe. Mama Downing had banned probably half of these, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t find a friend to borrow them from.

This Louis Vuitton collection may be for men, but Ohhhhh it is gorgeous! I think I would wear/ use all of it.

It’s funny how my style for clothes AND interior has changed over the years. I’ve been really into mod decor and luckily for me, this book would even match my theme for how I want to decorate our new living room. Hi, coffee table book love. Also- am I an adult for wanting to buy a coffee table book?

Have a wonderful weekend!


Protect your home

Having a home, whether it is owned or rented, costs a lot of money. You pay each month to keep it, as well as paying for the things in the home. It would be a costly experience trying to sort it all out if it was damaged through a storm or a flood. Not to mention how much hassle it would be too. There are things that we can put in place to protect us from the worst happening, though. Here are a few ideas to help you keep your home safe from damage.


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Remove Obvious Issues

One great way to start to protect your home is to have a walk around it. Look for anything that could obviously cause a problem. Are there some low-hanging or loose tree branches close to your home? Any loose shutters or debris? In a strong wind storm could they snap off and smash through windows? If so, remove them. Then the chances of damage from that are significantly reduced. The same goes for things like loose roof tiles or fences that aren’t secure. If there is a forecast for a big storm, then other things should be stored away too. If there is a tornado warning, think about putting things like plant pots, trampolines or even little garden gnomes inside. You wouldn’t want those things to blow away or get damaged. Even worse if they caused damage. So just take some time to remove any potential hazards.

Protect from Lightning

In a thunder and lightening storm, the damage is going to come from lightning. So it is a good idea to get some lightning protection on the roof of your home. It will direct any lightning strikes to it, rather than elsewhere. Then you can reduce the chances of any damage that way.

Keep Heating on in Winter

In winter, the cold temperatures can freeze water that is in the pipes in our home. If they freeze, they are more likely to crack. Cracks can lead to flooding and leaks. Not good in any situation! So one of the best ways to eliminate this is to keep your heating on in winter. It doesn’t need to be on all day or anything, unless the weather calls for it, of course. Just half an hour or an hour a day can stop the water in the pipes from freezing. So if you can, set it on a timer. Then if you are out of the house, the water will still get heated for a little bit each day. This will cost significantly less than it would if any damage or flooding occurred.

Home Insurance

One of the best ways to protect your home is to get home or contents insurance. It gives peace of mind if nothing else! Then if the worst does happen, it won’t cost you a fortune or leave you homeless as a result. There are lots of precautions that you can take to avoid disaster. But sometimes, disaster does just happen.

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Ignite Your Natitude

Before my amazing Warped Tour adventure, I went to a Nats game on Friday with my firm. I love to show my spirit- always have, always will! While I actually got this dress for the 4th of July last year, it made for a great casual Friday to game day situation- I wore a cream-colored vest at work most of the day to cover up my shoulders. Part of me thinks I should have gone to a southern school for no other reason than dressing up for game days. As per usual, I was rocking no less than 2 monograms. Customization is key, people. And since it was about a billion degrees, the light cotton came in clutch. While I’m not a huge sports fan- I often say that “I don’t sports- it was so much fun drinking pink wine and catching Pokemon with attorneys and hanging with a former co-worker and her beautiful little girl. I didn’t stay for the whole game, but I had a total blast. Also- the Nats won against the Pirates so Papa Downing was very happy.


 Vans Heartacher Sunglasses||Vans AuthenticTM Core Classics||Aroche Roll-Up Bag||Dress from The Pink Mustache